A Supplemental Member Wellness Program

The We-Care Member Wellness Program is a comprehensive, subscription-based initiative designed to enhance your members’ health and well-being.

Key Features of the We-Care Member Wellness Program:

Educational Content: We provide ready-to-use member newsletter, member communications & social media content that speaks directly to the Top 10 personal challenges for the typical private club member.

A Life-Essentials Class & Group Discussion (aka Member Lecture Series): Beginning May 1 and every Wednesday at 1o:00 AM PST, Craig Marshall hosts an interactive weekly Life Essentials Class & Group Discussion on Zoom that focuses on a specific topic. Each session includes a brief meditation and 20 minutes of education (with periodic guest speakers) and 30 minutes of participant interaction. Whether you have an existing lecture series or not, this weekly call series allows your members to join in when the topic is relevant to them. A code will be provided for all members access to the weekly call.

Affinity Group: Mindful “U” provides a “Club within a Club” Guidebook to help your club members create and manage a support group. We provide the structure and content, and the club provides the facilities and participants.

Partner Co-Creation: Mindful “U” invites participating club managers to participate in the monthly user group where we discuss educational topics, member feedback and programming suggestions. This user group are considered founding members and will be recognized for their participation by Mindful “U” in ads, articles, speaking engagements and on the company website.

Member Communications: Mindful “U” provides the content, and the club communicates directly with the member. Mindful “U” does not communicate with your members.

Coaching/Guiding/Counseling/Comforting: Included in the annual subscription, the club receives (25) 1-hour Coaching Credits (discounted to $200 per session), to be used at the club’s discretion. Coaching Credits rollover and expire in 24 months. A link to Craig Marshalls calendar will be provided to the club, to be available to all members. We will provide monthly updates as to who has used the credits.

Additional Member Coaching: Should a member elect to retain Craig Marshall beyond the complimentary initial call, they will be provided an order form and pay Mindful “U” directly

Revenue Share: 20% of the Additional Member Coaching fees collected will be shared with the Club in the form of cash or coaching credits.

Optional Onsite Visit: Mindful “U” is available for onsite staff workshops/coaching and member lectures. It is more economical for the club is we can combine the two on the same day.

Getting Started

Club to agree to a 12-month subscription and select payment option. Pay in full $9,999. Quarterly payments of $2,999.

Assign a primary and secondary club contact to assist with implementation and ongoing communication.

Primary contact to complete the on-boarding process that includes training, access to articles & other content, links to YouTube, QR Codes and links to access to the platform.

Primary contact to notify membership of the partnership and the Life Essentials Class & Group Discussion via newsletter, email, social media or other methods of the club’s choice.


“Craig and Rick received raves for their “mindfulness” presentation. They’re a great team - where contemporary meets old soul.”
crystal thomas
Managing Director, the Golden State Chapter of CMAA, Inc.
“You guys blew me away! I can’t believe how deeply you engaged our entire team! Everyone is so excited to jump into the program.”
Jeff Mcfadden
CEO at the Union League of Philadelphia
"Thank you to The Golden State Chapter of CMAA for giving me an opportunity to attend Mindful "U" and to complete my Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) designation. The education is robust, the support is boundless, and the community of people that gather weekly continues to grow making us not only more mindful professionals, but also more mindful human beings. The work Rick and Craig are doing is changing lives and I am honored to be a part of this program."
Ricky L. Potts, CMP
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications