What to Expect in 13 Weeks

Participants in this safe learning environment are open, honest, authentic, and vulnerable. Group discussions are led by Craig Marshall, a 35-year yoga monk, “The Monk”, Rob DeMore, Executive Vice President Troon Prive’ and Rick Ladendorf “The Mastermind”. These interactive discussions are intended to go deeper on subjects that matter most to managers and leaders to help improve work-life balance, reducing stress, developing better communication skills, and more.

Classes meet weekly on zoom and are a creative, safe space for Troon employees to learn and grown together. 

The cost per attendee is $799. We highly encourage multiple employees attend from the same club and offer discounts to encourage this level of team building. If you have multiple attendees, please contact Rick Ladendorf at [email protected] or (949) 933-5470.


  • The value of mini-meditations
  • How emotionally intelligent are you?
  • Questions to ask your team
  • Aligning daily tasks with your passion and purpose
  • How to get the most out of your team
  • 3-level alignment: authority, management, and you
  • What they didn’t teach in school
  • What is a belief?
  • Managing expectations
  • What is the most important thing you don’t know?
  • Managing your and others ego
  • Strength-based leadership skills
  • Personality types
  • The art and science of transitions
  • How to introduce and manage change
  • Learning to not take things so seriously
  • The science of concentration and meditation
  • The relationship between the breath and the mind
  • The value of positive focus
  • The 3 master skills of communication
  • How to motivate and manage different types of people
  • The long-term value of listening and questioning
  • What is your EI level?
  • How to empower and motivate your team
  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything
  • What is work-life integration?
  • The work-home-me balance
  • How work can give you energy
  • What is your next step as a leader?
  • How to get your team members to be more responsible
  • Your biggest challenge
  • How to see the bigger picture and think longer term
  • Why people are stuck in limiting beliefs and habits
  • Awareness is the first step
  • The law of personal magnetism
  • How to attract better employees
  • How thoughts become things
  • How to create a safe learning environment
  • What does it take to create a sustainable culture?
  • Tools for building champions

Meet the Monk and the Mastermind

Mindful “U” teaches professionals how to be less stressed, better leaders, and have a greater work-life balance. This unique leadership development program is based on Craig Marshall’s 35 years as a yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf’s 35 years as a business leader and influencer.

Together they are The Monk & The Mastermind, creating a network of 21st Century leaders.

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