Most leaders say their team
is the most important part of their success...

...but is that really true?

Mindful “U” offers organizational development via on-line training, on-site workshops, and one-on-one coaching. Our solutions have been proven to enhance morale, collaboration, and communication, while reducing drama, overwhelm, stress, and turnover.

Custom Solutions Include:

  • Comprehensive employee surveys
  • Custom Mindful Professional Course
  • Access to Mindful “U” online platform with tools, exercises, and resources
  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching and team support
  • Connection with other mindful professional

Mindful “U” Offers Custom Organizational Solutions For Your Club

Not all leaders have time to invest in the education, training, and development of their teams, but those who do create high-functioning and sustainable cultures. 

Employee culture is more than a buzzword. Culture is what creates excitement in the workplace, making it easier to recruit and retain the right people, reducing turnover, lowering costs, and creating an exceptional member experience.

When people feel safe to express themselves openly, they tend to be more creative, innovative, inspired, and productive.

If you are a leader who wants to turn good intentions into actions then Mindful “U” is a solution for you, your team, and your club.


What’s going on at your club? Is there a specific issue causing low morale or a poor member experience?  Let’s connect; Mindful “U” can customize the Mindful Professional Course to meet your needs.  

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The Monk & The Mastermind create 21st Century leaders! Our unique training is based on Craig Marshall’s 35 years as a yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf’s 35 years as a business leader and influencer.

Mindful “U” has taught thousands of leaders and team members how to build healthy and sustainable cultures.

One of our students was asked by a prospective employer about her Mindful Professional Certification. She explained that the course taught her how to be a better listener, questioner, and how to deal with workplace drama. She also told them that she had learned how to manage her ego, facilitate collaborative meetings, and get the most out of her team. She got the job and felt her certification was the determining factor in securing her new role.


Mindful “U” has a proven record of success. We have been recognized by BoardRoom Magazine as “Educator of the Year”, our curriculum has been approved by CMAA and PCMA for continuing education credits, and we are Content Partners with PGA Magazine and Troon.

We have worked with many private clubs across the United States including:


“You guys blew me away! I can’t believe how deeply you engaged our entire team! Everyone is so excited to jump into the program.”
Jeff Mcfadden
CEO at the Union League of Philadelphia
“Craig and Rick received raves for their “mindfulness” presentation. They’re a great team - where contemporary meets old soul.”
crystal thomas
Managing Director, the Golden State Chapter of CMAA, Inc.

Mindful “U” students have access to a personal dashboard, course material, class recordings, practical tools, guided meditations, and relevant content.

Mindful “U” instruction is based on education, application, and ongoing support. Students and members have access to network with other mindful professionals, one-on-one or in a group. They also have access to the Mindful “U” Platform which provides a multi-media library, useful tools and exercises. Lastly all students are invited to participate in weekly Core-Topic Discussions which are lively, interactive, discussions where students learn from and are supported by their peers. 

Frequently asked questions

Mindfulness can upgrade every aspect of daily work life. It’s like working ON your team vs. working IN your team. The goal of mindfulness is greater engagement & alignment, accomplishing more, with less negative and wasted energy. When team members understand this, they begin to get excited by their personal & professional development. The team takes on a spirit of cooperation & collaboration, and colleagues begin to think of themselves as a family.

Almost any change will meet initial resistance. Introducing mindfulness practices will be embraced by some of your team, but some may be lukewarm. We understand. That’s why we designed our Leadership Development Program™ and our Mindful Professional and Mindful Leadership Course™ to be fun, easy and shareable. Use the Class Recordings and tools to mentor, educate or train your team members.

It depends on your schedule and commitment to ongoing leadership development, training & education for your managers, mid-level managers and staff.

Mindful “U” provides online and onsite workshops, live group classes, one-on-one coaching and a proprietary learning platform.  

We begin with a discovery call to help guide you through the process and make recommendations that help you achieve your most important goals. 

Mindful “U” is a network of mindful professionals serving individuals and companies.

We teach the things that most of us didn’t learn in school. We produce fresh & relevant original content, offer fun & inspiring courses & classes, provide coaching & on-going support, and connect like-minded members to a supportive and inspiring community.

Craig Marshall, a 35-year modern-day yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf, a 35-year business leader, translates mindful principles into practical solutions, at work and home. They co-developed the 7 Mindful-Living Habits™, the core principles behind the education, curriculum and mindful certification programs.

If you have questions or would like to get a custom quote, please call us at (805) 888-2060 or email us at [email protected].