Starting 09/26/2023

AI + EI = A Better "U"


Mindful “U” is excited to introduce an 8-week interactive leadership masterclass designed to equip you with AI-enhanced emotional intelligence tools and techniques for personal and professional growth. This online masterclass will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge you need to manage stress and overwhelm and learn to work together with all club stakeholders from staff, to members, to your Board of Directors.

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8-Week Masterclass
$799 per attendee, discounts for multiple attendees from the same club
Tuesdays, Beginning September 26 at 9:00 am PST

Collaborative governance stresses the importance of including a wide-ranging network of stakeholders in decision making. This collaboration encourages partnership and co-operation between the board, management, staff, and members. 

We are our most collaborative when we are balanced and whole. The key to achieving Work – Family – “U” harmony starts with becoming more aware, more open, and a clearer communicator. That’s where Mindful “U”s teaching brings emotional intelligence (EI) and artificial intelligence (AI) together to play a transformative role. In this masterclass, we’ll explore how leveraging EI and AI can lead you to a more fulfilling and successful journey rich with team building, stakeholder buy-in, and club cooperation.

Class Begins 09/26/2023!

What to Expect in 8 Weeks

Participants in this masterclass are provided a safe learning environment to be open, honest, authentic, and vulnerable. Led by Craig Marshall, a 35-year yoga monk, “The Monk” and Rick Ladendorf, a 35-year leader in the club industry, “The Mastermind”, these discussions are intended to go deeper on subjects that matter most to working professionals, including helping to improve work-life balance, reduce stress, and develop better communication skills. Classes meet weekly on zoom. 

Class Agenda

  • Aligning daily tasks with your passion and purpose
  • How to get the most out of your team
  • 3-level alignment: authority, management, and you
  • Managing your and others ego
  • Strength-based leadership skills
  • Personality types
  • Self-Awareness and Ownership
  • Non-Reactivity and Response Choice
  • Learning and Growth Mindset
  • Present-Moment Awareness
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Self-Compassion and Flexibility
  • The 3 master skills of communication
  • How to motivate and manage different types of people
  • The long-term value of listening and questioning
  • 7 conversation starters
  • How to be present in a conversation 
  • Listen to understand, not to respond
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Non-attachment to ego
  • Flow and collective creativity
  • Being present
  • Emotional regulation and empathy
  • Open communication and active listening

Join Today and Get 3 Months Premium Membership!

 The cost for the 8-week leadership masterclass is $799 per attendee. Discounts apply to multiple attendees from the same club. If you have multiple attendees, please contact Rick Ladendorf at [email protected] or (949) 933-5470.


Students will also receive 3 months Premium Mindful “U” Membership ($1500 Value)
Premium membership includes:

  • Weekly invitation to Core-Topic conversations which take place every Wednesday at 1:30 pm PST. 
  • Access to the Mindful “U” Learning platform which includes many guided meditations and recommended reading for anyone on a mindfulness journey.
  • Access to all 4 week workshops which cover topics like Stress Reduction, Being a Mindful Manager, Change and Transition to name a few.
  • Learn more about membership here.

Meet the Monk and the Mastermind

Mindful “U” teaches professionals how to be less stressed, better leaders, and have a greater work-life balance. This unique leadership development program is based on Craig Marshall’s 35 years as a yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf’s 35 years as a business leader and influencer.

Together they are The Monk & The Mastermind, creating a network of 21st Century leaders.

Watch the AI + EI = A Better "U" Introduction

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