Rick Ladendorf

"The Mastermind"

Rick is the founder of Prevo Health Solutions, Executive Producer of America’s Healthiest and Greenest Club Certification, Publisher of PASSION, a digital publication, and Co-founder of the 7 Mindful-Living Habits of a Sustainable Club™ Program.

Since 2012, Rick has invested over 20,000 hours, visited over 300 clubs, interviewed 5,000 plus club managers and has consulted with some of the finest clubs in the country. Rick has taken his passion for health, wellness, and mindfulness and applied it to the private club & golf industry. Rick is a visionary and spots trends before they become trends. Rick is spearheading CLUB-M, a Mastermind group focused on mindfulness as it relates to the business and the leaders that run the business.

Rick is a contributing writer for the BoardRoom Magazine, a father of four healthy kids, an active youth coach and a volunteer. Rick has been thawing out in Southern California since moving from Minnesota in 1995 where he received his Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota.

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