Craig Marshall

"The Monk" & Mindset Coach

Craig Marshall began as a child actor in Hollywood at age ten and was cast in hundreds of TV programs and commercials. When he was 13, he met Ronald Reagan, then president of The Screen Actors’ Guild, who became Craig’s first mentor. Craig later worked with actresses Shirley Temple and Donna Reed, who became second moms to him. These three people influenced and inspired Craig to live a life of both inner & outer success. Craig was in the Army during the Vietnam War and later graduated from USC Film School, where he majored in Film Production and Public Relations.

Then his life took a left turn. Craig became a yoga monk with Self-Realization Fellowship, where he lived in an ashram for 35 years. His daily schedule involved serving the worldwide organization, plus hours of silent meditation and practicing yoga techniques of concentration and meditation. As a respected swami, Craig traveled the world, lecturing to large audiences on the subjects of mindfulness and meditation. He became a mentor to many well-known people, including Steve Jobs, George Harrison, and fashion icon Fred Segal.

Today, Craig is a sought-after public speaker, personal & business coach, and co-author of the book, The Next You. His coaching is in high demand during our challenging times, and Craig’s message addresses core subjects: stress reduction, conflict resolution, change & transition, plus core communication skills. As Director of Education for Prevo Health, he has produced “Monk-In-A-Box”, a media educational program of daily practices to help people reach inspired and collaborative solutions.

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