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Do you want to be part of a mindful community?

Our mindfulness community is about learning and growing together in a supportive, safe environment. Members come from all walks of life, industries, backgrounds, and life experiences but have one thing in common – they want to become more mindful in their daily lives. 

Mindful “U” Basic Membership

Be part of a mindful community!

Mindful “U” Membership includes:

1. Weekly live Core-Topics Discussions

Every Wednesday at 1:30 pm PST, Mindful “U” Members are invited to join Core-Topics, a one-hour online meeting. Each Core-Topics begins with a guided meditation, then education and group discussion lead by Craig Marshall, Mindful “U” Co-Founder, Life Coach, and 35-year yoga monk. 

This is a camera on, microphone on meeting where members share experiences and best practices, as well as develop meaningful and supportive relationships. 

Upcoming Core-Topics

  • What is a Gratitude Practice, Anyway? with Kevin Carpenter – 9/20/2023
  • How to Reframe Any Situation – 9/27/2023
  • How to Unhook from Bad Habits – 10/4/2023
  • Happiness Commandments – 10/11/2023
  • The Value of Guided Meditation – 10/18/2023
  • Chronic Stress is Wreaking Havoc on Our Health – 10/25/2023

2. Access to the Mindful “U” Learning Platform

The Mindful “U” Learning Platform includes access to a library of multi-media content, recorded guided meditations, curated articles, Core-Topics Discussion Group recordings, tools, and resources. 

3. Being Part of a Mindful Community

Opportunity to develop a community with other mindful professionals on the Mindful “U” Learning Platform and on private social media pages. These are safe spaces to learn and grow and develop your mindful buddies.

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Membership can be purchased month to month or annually. Membership can be cancelled at any timeMindful “U” Basic Membership fee is $49 per month or $500 annually for additional savings!

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For members who want it all, become a premium member! This includes the Basic Membership listed above, PLUS enrollment in any workshop or course. Membership can be purchased month to month or annually and can be cancelled at any timeMindful “U” Premium Membership fee is $99 per month or $955 annually for additional savings!

About Mindful “U” Co-Founder, Craig Marshall

Our unique training is based on Craig Marshall’s 35 years as a yoga monk.

Craig grew up in Los Angeles as a child TV actor, and began his world travels at age 17. He graduated from USC Film School and was a member of the elite US Army Security Agency. At age 23 he became a yoga monk with Self-Realization Fellowship, where he resided for 35 years.

Leading a life of meditation and service, Craig became a popular global minister and taught audiences how to develop intuition, face fears, and realize creative potential. His powerful oration skills empowered many to take a stand for what meant the most to them.

During his television career, he became a friend of Screen Actors’ Guild president, Ronald Reagan. He is known as an author, film producer, and mentor to many, including Beatle George Harrison. He has collaborated with visionaries such as Don Miguel Ruiz, Mikhail Gorbachev, and fashion icon, Fred Segal.

He exemplifies a life of both inner and outer success. “My knowledge of transition and my personal experience of “the hero’s journey” have given me the ability to address life’s challenging issues in significant ways,” says Craig.  With thousands of hours of meditation as a former monastic, he is a mindfulness expert and an inspired visionary, able to tap into people and situations to provide greater clarity, creativity, and both professional and personal fulfillment.


“You guys blew me away! I can’t believe how deeply you engaged our entire team! Everyone is so excited to jump into the program.”
Jeff Mcfadden
CEO at the Union League of Philadelphia
“Craig and Rick received raves for their “mindfulness” presentation. They’re a great team - where contemporary meets old soul.”
crystal thomas
Managing Director, the Golden State Chapter of CMAA, Inc.