Mindful “U” Membership

Become a Mindful “U” Member

Mindful “U” members are a community of mindful professionals coming together to learn, grow and share in a supportive environment. Our members are primarily comprised of aspiring working professionals that understand the importance of continuing education, application and ongoing support.   

If you are enrolled in any of our courses, you are automatically a Mindful “U” Member for 12-months. If you are an alumnus and still have access to the Mindful “U” Platform, you are considered an active member and will continue to have access to your course material. 

If you are not enrolled in a course but would like to connect with our students and alumni, have access to useful tools & resources and participate in weekly online group discussions, then we invite you to register as a Mindful “U” member. 

Individual Membership Includes

  1. Password-protected access to the Mindful “U” Platform & Community of mindful professionals.
  2. Access to a library of multi-media content – guided meditations, curated articles, Core-Topics Discussion Group recordings, tools & resources
  3. Invitation to join weekly live Core-Topics Discussion Group
  4. Access to all Mindful “U” course material that you have previously acquired

Core-Topics Discussion Group

All Mindful “U” members are invited to join the weekly live one-hour Core-Topic Discussion Group where we discuss issues pertinent to your personal & professional success. We also meditate, share experiences & best practices, as well as develop meaningful and supportive relationships. 

The Core-Topics Discussion Group focuses on subjects that help to enhance personal & professional value, and many sessions include guest speakers and subject experts. 

Group discussions are hosted by Craig Marshall, a yoga monk for 35 years, and Rick Ladendorf, an experienced business leader and industry influencer. Craig and Rick (The Monk & The Mastermind) are co-founders of Mindful “U”.

A sample of upcoming topics include:

  • Don’t Let Unchecked Stress Overwhelm You
  • Start With Why
  • Your Goals And Aspirations
  • See the World Through the Lens of Gratitude
  • Awareness – You Only Know What You Know
  • The Law Of Attraction
  • Emotional Intelligence

For a complete list of upcoming Core-Topic sessions click here. 

Standard membership fee is $49/Month or $588 per year. Pay $499 annually and save 15%.

Year-End Promotion. Join before December 31, 2022, and lock in the low monthly membership fee of $24.95 for the duration of your membership (pay $200 annually and save $100).