Meet your coach

Meet your Coach, Craig Marshall

After 35-years as a yoga monk, living in an ashram but lecturing around the world, Craig Marshall is a master mentor, supporting leaders in achieving their goals amidst daunting daily responsibilities. With his calm manner, unique insight and ability to motivate, Craig shares simple tools that will help you take next steps in your personal and professional life.

He has been a trusted advisor to people in all walks of life, including many celebrities, business leaders and influencers. Craig’s last message to Steve Jobs during his final years was, “You are something greater than anything and everything you are seeking. Let’s unlock that latent power.”


What They Say

“Your passion for my personal growth transformed my life. The program helped me to deal with a toxic environment and find the job of my dreams. It also saved my marriage!                        

                              – Freddie Damavandi, Manager, El Niguel Country Club

“This coaching program is a special thing. The classes are awesome. If people took only one class, they’d learn so much!”

                              – Bandy Kukush, AGM, Santaluz Club

“I am a different leader today. This coaching program helped me develop a dynamic team of mutual respect and support. My more mindful approach was the key.” 

                               – Gary Caron, GM, Deerwood Country Club

Craig’s Story

Born in Los Angeles, Craig first found fame on the silver screen. As a child actor, he appeared in hundreds of commercials and TV shows, and was mentored by stars such as Ronald Reagan, Donna Reed and Shirley Temple. His media experience led him to graduate from the University of Southern California Film School. However, never enchanted by glamour of Hollywood, a spiritual calling beckoned, and his life took a radical “left turn”.

At age 23, Craig embarked on a journey of self-discovery, as he became a postulant monk in a cloistered ashram in California. There he daily delved into the ancient wisdom of Eastern yoga, dedicating countless hours to mindfulness and meditation practices. His study and discipline led him to unravel many of the mysteries of the human mind and ego, gradually forging an expanded understanding and identity.

In 2005 Craig left monastic life and has continued to inspire thousands around the globe with his teachings. His experiential wisdom, combined with his approachable nature, has opened a gateway to peace, tranquility, and happiness for individuals who were ready to learn and un-learn. He has collaborated with leaders like the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, author Don Miguel Ruiz, and countless managers in the private club industry.

Today, Craig exemplifies the transformative power of finding inner peace in a chaotic world. His journey, from Hollywood actor to global mindfulness expert, illustrates that the path to being your best Self can begin anywhere, at any time…whenever you’re ready to seek it.