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The Mindful Professional Certification Course is comprised of 26-Lessons, each of which includes exercises that can be completed within one-hour per week. The Mindful Professional Certification Course is a self-paced course.

All students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and the designation as a “Certified Mindful Professional” (CMP).

 All members with access to the Mindful “U” Platform, are invited to attend any or all Live Core-Topic sessions. Core-Topics live sessions can be seen in the Mindful “U” Members Public Group on the Mindful “U” Platform. All education portion of the sessions are recorded and can be shared with peers. 

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Includes 26 online, 30-minute class recordings, guided meditations, curated articles and access to the Mindful “U” live weekly Core-Topics group sessions. Click here to Enroll.

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