How Can The Monk & The Mastermind Help You?

Master mindful practices within weeks—not decades.

Achieving mindfulness gets to the core of what matters most - at home and at work. By changing your mindset you can become self-aware and a better leader. Based on The 7 Mindful Living Habits™ , our mindful solutions are infused with timeless secrets taught by Craig Marshall, a 35-year yoga monk, and how to apply them in business by mastermind Rick Ladendorf, a recognized business influencer.

You'll receive the tools & support to help re-frame how you see the world and yourself to achieve your personal & professional success.

Inspiring content & exercises

Learn the principles & practices that took Craig Marshall, "The Monk", decades to master in the Ashram. Craig uncovers each week the keys to a more fulfilling life by mastering your mind.

Interactive classes & coaching

Gain valuable insight and answers during live calls each month. Increase your personal understanding by scheduling one-on-one coaching calls with "The Monk". 

Affordable plan options

Flexible plan options allow you to choose the right program to fit your needs. Prices begin at $49/month per individual.*

We also provide company-wide & enterprise solutions.  Learn More >

Transform Your Mindset & Thrive 

The fact is, truly successful people are no different than you. They simply found Mentors and & made a Mind-Shift that allowed them to realize their full potential. One student wrote, “This program is a kind of super-conscious “therapy”, fueled by incredible intellectual resources, plus the depth of Craig’s 35 years as a monk.” You know that you still have untapped potential, so if you’re committed to taking yor next step, this program may be what you’ve been looking for.

Mindfulness is an idea whose time has come.


7 Mindful-Living Habits

Our core principles are the product of Craig’s 35 years of monastic living and coaching thousands and Rick’s 40 years of business consulting across multiple industries.

26 Mindful Lessons

Our highly focused, weekly lessons include a 15-minute class, a 15-minute discussion, followed by 15-minutes of learning activities.

90+ Exercises & Content

Each lesson includes three to five exercises, tools, or media resources that support each topic. 

Discussions & Support

Our rich content & open discussions allow members to freely interact, share & ask questions.