Transform Managers into  Leaders

Mindfulness is the missing ingredient of relevancy and sustainability and a critical skillset..

Being mindful enables team leaders to foster a positive work culture.  Without mindful leadership, organizations experience turnover, stress & drama,  departmental silos and disconnection from the organization's mission & purpose.  

Interactive Leadership Engagement Programs

Mindful “U” educates & coaches teams & individuals with tools, exercises and ongoing support. Our Leadership Engagement Programs have been proven to increase team communication, collaboration, engagement and attitudes.

Jump-Start Workshops  

You and your team will participate in three live, guided & interactive mindful presentations & dialogues that will empower your team to optimize the customer experience. These modules focus on stress reduction, work-life balance & core communication skills. 

Certification Programs (CMP & CML)

Participants in the Mindful “U” certification program receive a certificate as a Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) and/or Certified Mindful Leader (CML). This designation will enhance personal & professional value. 

21st Century, user-friendly methods & technologies

Mindful "U", a division of Prevo Health Solutions, develops and certifies mindful leaders in order to enhance their personal & professional value. The program was co-created by Craig Marshall (The Monk) & Rick Ladendorf (The Mastermind). With over 70 years of combined mindfulness & business experience, Craig & Rick developed the 7 Mindful Living Habits™ — the core principles of the leadership engagement & mindful certification programs. 

I don’t want you to make my people better managers.
I want you to make them better people – because then they’ll be better managers!

Carol Boettcher
HR supervisor, Broken Sound

Meet the Monk and the Mastermind™

Craig Marshall (The Monk) and Rick Ladendorf (The Mastermind) have over 70 years of mindfulness & business experience. 

Craig & Rick are committed to helping individuals and organizations be more mindful in the workplace.

We don't change companies, we change people who change companies!


"…earning the CMP designation is a huge asset personally and professionally. The designation displays my ability to lead, learn, listen, and be mindful of others and situations…"
Brent Hays
F&B Manager, Sea Pines Country Club
"I see my people differently now. I'm seeing things I've never seen. I'm clearer and more productive. And I know my team is seeing me differently, too."
Larry Harper
GM, Great Hills Country Club
"Fascinating, Raw and Memorable. I can't wait to download some of the golden nuggets you shared with my team and I."
Russell Sylte
GM, Hacienda Golf Club

Get started with the Mindful "U" Leadership Engagement Program

The Leadership Engagement Program is broken into two 13-week courses, which include:

  • 13  Live guided team meetings hosted by Mindful "U"
  • 13 email lessons with exercises (earn points toward CMP certification)
  • Weekly meeting recordings
  • One 30-minute private coaching sessions for each team member
  •  Corporate level reporting

Choose your start date for your training sessions, and our staff will contact you.

Still Undecided or Have Questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below or click below to schedule a call with our team to learn more or email us at [email protected] 

Mindfulness can upgrade every aspect of daily work life. It’s like working ON your team vs. working IN your team. The goal of mindfulness is greater engagement & alignment, accomplishing more, with less negative and wasted energy. When team members understand this, they begin to get excited by their personal & professional development. The team takes on a spirit of cooperation & collaboration, and colleagues begin to think of themselves as a family.

Mindfulness is the opposite of “autopilot”. Amidst our day-to-day activities, specific triggers often generate unconscious responses. Learning to psychologically push “pause” allows us to have more and better choices. A mindful person, who takes a deep breath and asks, “How do I want to react to this?”, will generally be more creative, empathic and resourceful. When we can, even for a moment, let go of the past and stop worrying about the future, we can be present, see the bigger picture, and be patient & purposeful. Wow! At last, I can be a grown-up!!!

Most organizations look at absenteeism & claims on insurance benefits, however more sophisticated surveys measure “presenteeism”, engagement, resilience and collaboration. Early indicators of stress are: detachment, isolation, not contributing to team discussions, coming to work late or working longer hours, irritability, anger & aggression. Line managers who can spot these early signs need training in how to manage these growing challenges. “Mindfulness” can be considered a cultural support system. By 1) offering tools to manage emotions, 2) creating a safe learning environment, and 3) increasing levels of connection & communication, greater personal & collective responsibility create more engaged and committed teams & individuals.

Almost any change will meet initial resistance. Introducing mindfulness practices will be embraced by some of your team, but some may be lukewarm. We understand. That’s why we designed our Certified Mindful Professional program to be fun & easy. Each 15 min weekly class is followed by a lively 15min group discussion. The weekly email exercises only take 20 minutes (4min video, 4min audio, short survey & an article) provide valuable tips & tools, and most team members look forward to their weekly class & lesson, when they begin to apply them in their personal & professional lives. One student wrote, “It’s like having my own personal mentor!”


The Certified Mindful Professional program is introduced to teams via an online or onsite ½-day workshop. The Monk & The Mastermind (Craig & Rick) demonstrate how stress, drama & disengagement undermine teams’ productive and also burn employees out. This is a fun 3-hour program that introduces key topics: How to write an email to get an answer, How to push “pause” when you’re angry, How to deal with an angry customer/client, How to give & receive feedback. After the workshop, team members have a 30-min coaching session with Craig.