Become a Mindful Professional

Mindfulness is the missing ingredient of relevancy and sustainability in the workplace.  Mindfulness is not taught in school nor is it taught at trade associations. Being recognized as a mindful professional can make you a highly valued and successful leader.

Mindful leaders enables you to guide yourself and others to achieve extraordinary business outcomes. Mindful "U", led by the Monk & the Mastermind™,  provides you with 21st Century, user-friendly methods & technologies that enhance your persoanl & professional value.

Choose either our live or virtual mindful courses. Either way, you'll receive access to weekly lessons, exercises, and valuable resources.

A user-friendly and interactive group program

Mindful “U” educates, coaches and mentors individuals, offering tools, exercises and ongoing support. We then connect our students and alumni of like-minded, conscious and mindful professionals via live classes, private social media groups and during group sessions.

Live and/or recorded weekly lessons

Each week join us with other mindful professionals during the live class. Share your thoughts and questions and participate in our interactive dialogue. Classes are in addition caputred and available as well online for your convenience.


Certified Mindful Professional status

Our program not only helps develop better leaders and communicators— it's also a great way to differentiate yourself. As a Certified Mindful Professional, you can leverage your new skills and credentials to earn more,  get promoted, or advance into a new role in your career.

21st Century, user-friendly methods & technologies

Mindful "U", a division of Prevo Health Solutions, develops and certifies mindful leaders in order to enhance their personal & professional value. The program was co-created by Craig Marshall (The Monk) & Rick Ladendorf (The Mastermind). With over 70 years of combined mindfulness & business experience, Craig & Rick developed the 7 Mindful Living Habits™ — the core principles of the leadership engagement & mindful certification programs. 

I  would venture to say you guys are true pioneers. You are planting seeds for a different way of thinking that will guide the next generation to beneficial outcomes—
not only in the workplace, but at home.

Terrence Polcari
F&B Manager, Hampton Hall Club

Meet the Monk and the Mastermind™

Mindful “U” is a division of Prevo Health Solutions and was co-created by Craig Marshall (The Monk) & Rick Ladendorf (The Mastermind). With over 70 years of combined mindfulness & business experience, Craig & Rick developed the 7 Mindful Living Habits™ - the core principles of the Mindful “U” education, curriculum and certification program. 

"…earning the CMP designation is a huge asset personally and professionally. The designation displays my ability to lead, learn, listen, and be mindful of others and situations…"
Brent Hays
F&B Manager, Sea Pines Country Club
"I see my people differently now. I'm seeing things I've never seen. I'm clearer and more productive. And I know my team is seeing me differently, too."
Larry Harper
GM, Great Hills Country Club
"Fascinating, Raw and Memorable. I can't wait to download some of the golden nuggets you shared with my team and I."
Russell Sylte
GM, Hacienda Golf Club

How to Get Started with the Mindful "U" Training Program

Whether you are a leader, manager or a team-member and want to get promoted, be a better leader, make more money or land your next ideal job, you need to invest in yourself – and not just skills or knowledge, but upgrade the key success component - ATTITUDE.  

The underlying challenge is that people bring their beliefs, attitudes, egos and past experiences to the workplace. It is up to the leaders/managers to hire, train, develop & manage the staff who determine the “vibe” within the organization and ultimately determine the organization’s culture, reputation & sustainability.

Mindful “U” offers a 26-week mindful course that has empowered leaders, managers & team members to make major upgrades in their operations. Many of our students are so excited that they’ve shared our online lessons with their spouses and kids (which has improved the quality of their personal lives). The impact of more responsible & mindful team members to the organizational is both measurable sustainable.  


Still Undecided or Have Questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below or click below to schedule a call with our team to learn more or email us at [email protected] 

Students are not required to attend the live class, as they are recorded and can be listened to anytime. We recommend you attend the class so you can ask questions and be part of the lively and interactive dialogue with other mindful professionals.

By being more mindful at work, you are more likely to experience less stress, have more fun, be more creative & collaborative, have less drama and experience deeper and more meaningful relationships. Mindful people get noticed. They are more valuable to the organization, as they tend to coach others and they "work on the business" and not just "in the business". 

CMP Students will meet others during the online class and on the Mindful "U" blog (coming soon) and our Faecbook site (search Mindful "U" or Mindful "U" Mindfulness Open Group Forum). Also, we will be hosting an annual onsite conference in the fall 2020, where you will have a chance to meet other mindful professionals. More information to come.

We recommend you schedule your complimentry 30-minute coaching session during the first three weeks of the first CMP class. A link will be sent in the Welcome email.