Mindfulness for Organizations

Our primary goal at Mindful “U” is to build a network of mindful & conscious professionals that connect their organization’s purpose in daily interactions between customers and staff. 

Purpose-driven and mindful people are more productive, engaged, creative, collaborative and nicer. They are more loyal to the cause, and they tend to attract others that share similar values and beliefs. 

Employees want to belong to an organization that is Purpose-Driven, offering a culture that allows them to be their natural selves and part of a creative process of development. Nearly every manager says, “Our staff is my most important asset”, and yet most organizations do not invest nearly enough in employee development or education. 

Our mindful programs for organizations are designed to help build cultures that foster fun, creativity, communication, collaboration, and meaningful team-building — all aligned with purpose & vision. 

Mindfulness Programs for Organizations include:

  • Online Mindfulness Workshops: Live interactive workshops hosted by The Monk& the Mastermind. Designed to inspire and support your team (management team and or staff) in these uncertain times. Great way to show your team how much you care about their well-being. Workshops are 30-minutes in length, recorded and available online. Modules consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by 10-minutes of interactive discussion.
  • Get-Back Program: A 14-day online program, hosted by Craig Marshall (The Monk) and Betsy Opyt (Registered Dietician, Certified Fitness Instructor and Educator). Program helps customers/members/staff “Get-Back” to life and designed to boost the immune system while reducing the fear and anxiety of catching or spreading the corona virus. 
  • Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) and Certified Mindful Leader (CML) Courses. Offered "On-Demand" and "Live".  Students earn a certificate by successfully attending (live) /watching (recorded) individual classes and completing required self-reported exercises. There are no tests, quizzes, or final exam. At the completion of the course, the graduate receives a printed and digital certificate.
  • Hosted Leadership Classes: These live online classes are hosted by The Monk & the Mastermind™ and includes a presentation followed by honest dialogue with the team. The entire class is recorded and available on the students’ personal dashboard for future reference, training and on-boarding new staff. 
  • Enterprise Mindful Solution: Designed to provide the staff with mindful education, tools, resources and ongoing support to help improve attitude while reducng stress, drama & overwhelm.  Minimum 50 employees. Starting at $10 per employee per month. Option for participants to get certified as a Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) or Certified Mindful Leader (CML)
  • One-on-one Coaching: Ideal for leaders, managers and key staff. 
  • Forums that encourage participation & engagement. Mindful "U" offers complimentary monthly webinars, podcasts (coming soon) and social media groups to encourage further conversation and dialogue with other mindful professionals. 
  • Onsite Mindfulness Workshops & Education. Mindful "U" offers a series of three-hour interactive onsite workshops which are based on the 7 Mindful-Living Habits™ curriculum. Classes are customized according to the needs of the organization. Content includes relevant and useful practices that can be applied at work and at home. 

In today’s challenging business environment, most mangers are “busy” – constantly reacting to stressful situations, demanding clients & customers, underperforming employees and meeting deadlines. Leaders, management & staff are experiencing excessive stress, overwhelm, lowered engagement, which lead to turnover & create a culture out of sync with its mission & purpose. Bottom-line: most managers have not learned the skills to be great leaders.  

Don’t worry, there’s hope!  We have created a user-friendly program that takes only 30 minutes a week. It will give you and your team the tools and processes required to manage your people in dynamic new ways.

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