BUilding a better "U"

4-week career development course

In an increasingly competitive job market, standing out is essential. GSI and Mindful "U" have joined forces in offering training that will get you noticed. We offer tailored insights and strategies to enhance career development, ensuring candidates not only shine in their current roles but also set themselves apart from the competition when being considered for new opportunities. “Building a Better “U” Career Development Course is a 4-session, on-demand program and exercises which will help prepare you for an effective search and interview process.

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Getting Your Dream Job (finally!)

Are you ready to land your dream job? In this 4-session course, we will explore mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and artificial intelligence in giving you the tools to finally make that dream job yours. The time is now to invest in yourself and your future. During this course you will:

  1. Unlock Your Full Potential with Mindfulness: Discover how mindfulness techniques can transform your job search and career aspirations. Gain the ability to stay focused, reduce stress, and make clearer decisions throughout your journey. By harnessing the power of mindfulness, you’ll approach interviews, networking, and challenges with a heightened sense of self-awareness and confidence, setting you apart as a candidate who exudes calm and competence.

  2. Master Emotional Intelligence for Career Success: Elevate your interpersonal skills and stand out in today’s competitive job market by mastering emotional intelligence. Learn how to navigate professional relationships, communicate effectively, and handle conflicts with grace. Acquire the tools to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as empathize with others. Employers value candidates who demonstrate high emotional intelligence, making you a more desirable asset in any workplace.

  3. Harnessing AI: Your Personalized Pathway to Success: Embrace the future of job hunting with AI tools that provide a strategic advantage. Discover how artificial intelligence can optimize your resume, suggest tailored job opportunities, and even simulate mock interviews for practice. Acquire the skills to leverage AI-driven insights to target industries and roles that align with your strengths and aspirations. By integrating AI into your job search strategy, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and position yourself for a seamless transition to your dream career.

Don’t miss this transformative course where mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and artificial intelligence converge to equip you with the holistic toolkit you need to secure your dream job and thrive in your professional endeavors. Your journey to success begins here.

Building a Better "U" Course Curriculum

This 4-session on-demand series focuses on career development and is ideal for managers and leaders who want to take next steps. The four modules include: 

Dive deep into understanding your strengths, growth areas, and untapped potential. This course focuses on creating your personal brand that highlights your strongest skills and crafting cover letters and resumes that resonate. Participants will also learn the importance of a Mental-Health Score through a Lifestyle Assessment, understanding 360-Evaluations, and promoting clarity in personal and professional aspirations.

Equip yourself with the tools to excel in interviews. This course introduces common interview questions, helps participants adapt their responses based on the interviewer, and showcases how to present emotional intelligence and problem-solving styles effectively. Emphasis is also placed on highlighting one’s continuous learning journey, understanding and contributing to organizational culture, and leveraging one’s network for success.

Learn how to stand out. From leadership and ego management to empathy and emotional intelligence, this course explores the soft and hard skills that differentiate top performers. Discuss the significance of mentors, delve into influential literature, and understand the importance of authentic communication and trust-building in leadership.

Ensure your impact is recognized and rewarded. This course centers on measuring and communicating your successes, especially through key performance indicators. Participants will be guided on how to effectively report their achievements, engage with mentors for insights, and potentially explore the benefits of a mindset career coach. Setting clear expectations and boundaries is also emphasized to ensure sustained success.

GSI, a leader in global innovation, and Mindful “U”, a pioneer in mindfulness education, have come together to forge an exciting partnership. Our collaborative efforts have culminated in the creation of an unparalleled course and workshop that amalgamates GSI’s innovative approach and Mindful “U”‘s deep-rooted understanding of mindfulness.

Meet the Monk and the Mastermind

Mindful “U” teaches professionals how to be less stressed, better leaders, and have a greater work-life balance. This unique leadership development program is based on Craig Marshall’s 35 years as a yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf’s 35 years as a business leader and influencer.

Together they are The Monk & The Mastermind, creating a network of 21st Century leaders.

Mindful “U” offers an 8-week, peer-to-peer masterclass, featuring classes in leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, stress reduction, and artificial intelligence. 

Join our roadshow – GSI & Mindful “U” is coming to a city near you! 

This onsite workshop is ideal for GM’s, AGM’s, HR Directors, Marketing & Communications, Wellness Directors and aspiring department heads that want to continue to learn, grow and champion the idea of creating a healthy and sustainable culture.  

GSI’s Bob Jones and Mindful “U”s The Monk & The Mastermind will be co-hosting a series of half-day interactive and immersive sessions in multiple cities between September 10 and November 15, 2023. See full roadshow schedule.

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and emotional intelligence (EI) and reimagine both your personal and professional life. By embracing EI you’ll develop the mastery to address stress, create work-life balance, and make sound decisions amidst bustling chaos. Simultaneously, AI stands ready to evolve your work dynamics, freeing you from repetitive tasks and amplifying your capacity for creativity, expansion, and building meaningful bonds.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Demystifying AI and EI: Delve into insights tailored for the club industry, making complex theories effortlessly digestible.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in real-world AI solutions and nurture a decision-making approach deeply guided by emotional intelligence.
  • Transforming Club Management: Use AI and EI’s combined might to confront the challenges of stress, balance, and the unending pace of today’s work environment.
  • Maximize Performance: Merge AI’s predictive capabilities with the compassionate core of EI for unmatched results.
  • Work-Life-Me Balance: Pave the path towards an enriched life, emphasizing self-growth and fostering deeper connections.
  • Networking: Share, learn, and connect with industry contemporaries, expanding your circle and collaborative possibilities.

Embark on a voyage where growth and well-being work in harmony, refining your leadership skills and radically transforming your approach to club business.

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