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Beginning 12/1 - EXCHANGe Daily Gratitude TEXT & EMAIL Messages

Join the 30-Day Grateful Mindful Group, hosted by Kevin Carpenter aka The Gratidude. You may have heard Kevin Carpenter talk about his GIFT program. It's a daily messaging program that stands for:

Grateful: One new and different thing not yet used, that you are grateful for

Intention: Overall approach to your day or an area of emphasis

First Things: 2 new things you will get done before you go to sleep

Kevin Carpenter is the Director of Grateful of Golf. G4G provides recreation, mentorship, education, and vocational training opportunities for at-risk youth. G4G educates young people about the recreational, career, and personal development opportunities available through both the golf industry and the various modes of participating in the game of golf.  

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Beginning December 1, 2023 Kevin Carpenter (The Gratidude) will send one GIFT text message per day and you'll send a GIFT text message back.  
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