zz – Mindful Leadership Program

A “master’s degree” in mindfulness

21st Century leaders are purpose-driven, emotionally intelligent, make time for what matters, open to learning and re-learning, and invest in themselves and their teams. 

Becoming a 21st Century leader has never been easier with our 26-week Mindful Leader Course. This 26-week course builds on the mindful practices learned in our 26-week Mindful Professional  Course and focuses on six key areas:

  1. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 
  2. Creating A 21st Century Culture (Getting Board & Committee Buy-In)
  3. Leading 21st Century Teams (Getting Staff Buy-In) 
  4. Mentoring & Empowering Others
  5. Becoming A Mindful Leader at Home
  6. The Law of Attraction

Everyone is busy these days. That’s why we offer the Mindful Leader Course on-demand and live. We are committed to providing a quality learning experience that fits within your lifestyle. 

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the Sep/Oct 2020 issue of the BoardRoom Magazine cover story “Mindfulness Leads to a Sustainable Culture”.

The 21st Century Leader

21st Century leadership requires a broader skill set and deeper interpersonal abilities than ever before. Leadership is more than managing tasks. It involves investing in yourself and individuals, plus pursuing effective policies and procedures to ensure that an organization is successful. Enhancing your personal and professional abilities, this Mindful Leader Course will help you become an exemplary leader, promoting innovation through a shared vision and leading-edge tools and processes. Leaders create change, as they change themselves and their teams.

Get certified as a Mindful Leader

Designed for individuals that want to earn the credentials as a mindful leader. The Certified Mindful Leader (CML) certificate is earned by completing required exercises and lessons. The pre-requisite to the CML is successful completion of the Mindful Professional Course (CMP).

What You Can Expect:

  1. Flexible: Study on your schedule. Our live & on-demand format allows you to plan your coursework around your life.
  2. Support: One-on-one coaching, group discussions, peer-to-peer networking, social media engagement, and weekly interactive “Chat with the Monk & Masterminds” sessions.
  3. Well-Rounded: Examines the diverse areas that impact leadership skills, mapped to The 7 Mindful-Living Habits. Graduates of this program are well-versed and prepared for a variety of positions in management and leadership.
  4. Focused Coursework: All courses center around mindful practices, which are directed to individuals and his/her team. There are individual course exercises, plus group work designed to experience practice in real-life situations.  

Prerequisites Include:

  • Successful completion of the Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) course

In today’s challenging business environment, most managers are “busy” – constantly reacting to stressful situations, demanding clients & customers, underperforming employees, and meeting deadlines. Leaders, management & staff are experiencing excessive stress, overwhelm, lowered engagement, which lead to turnover & create a culture out of sync with its mission & purpose. Bottom line: most managers have not learned the skills to be great leaders.

Don’t worry, there’s hope!  We have created a user-friendly program that takes only 30 minutes a week. It will give you and your team the tools and processes required to manage your people in dynamic new ways.

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