Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting

Not sure what AI is and how it can help your business?
Uncertain about the projects or tasks AI can assist with?
Don’t have the time to learn how to use the tools and need help getting started?

Mindful "U" AI Consulting Can Help

Mindful “U” provides AI consulting services tailored to meet your unique business needs. If you are new to AI and would like support learning the best way to use ChatGPT or you have a specific challenge we are your go-to source for difficult situations that need collaboration and immediate results. AI refers to the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. AI generates human-like text responses, creates relevant questions and formats the output in specified tone of voice. There are several AI tools that we can use and ChatGPT will be the most frequently used one. 

AI Can Help If You…

  • Suffer from writers block when writing sensitive emails, letters, or newsletters? 
  • Aren’t sure what questions to ask AI when faced with a complex bylaws, HR, or technical issue?
  • Are in need of an onboarding program, an employee manual, a business plan, a menu, or a marketing plan but don’t have the time to write it?
  • Need someone outside your club to collaborate with in a safe space – together we can create solutions. 

How Mindful “U” AI Consulting Services Work

We approach every consultation with this three step process:

  1. Insightful Inquiry: At Mindful “U,” we believe that awareness is the foundation of, well, everything! That’s why our AI Consulting services kick off with thought-provoking questions. By delving deep into your challenges, we uncover the core issues and set the stage for effective problem-solving.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Working closely with you, our consultants identify the projects and tasks where AI can make the most significant impact. We craft customized strategies and roadmaps that align with your specific goals, ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI).

  3. Streamlined Implementation: Mindful “U” recognizes the value of time. With a profound understanding of your challenges and a clear-cut solution in mind, we create an implementation strategy. This approach allows you and your team to swiftly reap the benefits of growth and progress.

At Mindful “U,” we are dedicated to bringing mindfulness and AI expertise together to revolutionize your business.

If You’re Not Using AI, You’re Falling Behind

Working smarter with AI will create time for you to be more:

  • Creative
  • Focused on strategy and long-term critical thinking
  • Focused on mentoring, coaching, and training 
  • Improve your relationships with co-workers, management, members, and stake-holders

Don’t let uncertainties hold your business back from harnessing the power of AI. Partnering with Mindful “U” will unlock your true potential and give you a competitive edge in today’s quickly-changing landscape.

AI Consulting sessions are $200 per hour. For more information, call Rick, Mindful “U” Co-founder at 949-933-5470 or click below to schedule a call.

Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey and unleash the power of AI for your success.  


Rick Ladendorf

"The Mastermind"

Rick Ladendorf, co-founder of Mindful “U” and founder of Americas’ Healthiest Clubs, has taken his passion for health, wellness and mindfulness and applied it to the business world. Rick is a visionary and spots trends before they become trends. Rick co-created Mindful “U” to address the needs identified from over 600 site visits and over 6,000 department head interviews.