Mindful “U” is dedicated to creating a network of  mindful  professionals through education, application, and ongoing support.

Our passion is to mentor mindful leaders who can achieve extraordinary business success. The Monk and The Mastermind™ use forward-thinking teaching and user-friendly methods to support mindful students.

Our Mindful Professional Certification Course™ empowers leaders and helps create healthy and sustainable work cultures.


With over 70 years of combined mindfulness and business experience, Craig Marshall and Rick Ladendorf developed the 7 Mindful Living Habits – the core principles of the Mindful “U” education, curriculum, and certification program.

Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall

"The Monk"

Craig Marshall, co-founder of Mindful “U” was a yoga monk for 35 years and has educated/mentored tens of thousands of people on mindfulness. Craig is an author, speaker, and coach. His unique teaching addresses workplace challenges that include stress, overwhelm, communication breakdowns, turnover, lack of employee engagement and work-life-balance.

Rick Ladendorf

Rick Ladendorf

"The Mastermind"

Rick Ladendorf, co-founder of Mindful “U” and founder of Americas’ Healthiest Clubs, has taken his passion for health, wellness and mindfulness and applied it to the business world. Rick is a visionary and spots trends before they become trends. Rick co-created Mindful “U” to address the needs identified from over 600 site visits and over 6,000 department head interviews.