Our Story

We develop mindful individuals & organizations to achieve personal & professional success through education, certification & ongoing support.

Our passion is to develop and certify mindful leaders who guide their teams to achieve extraordinary business outcomes, using world-class 21st Century, user-friendly methods and technologies, led by The Monk and The Mastermind.™

Our Mindful Professional Course™ empowers today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and helps create dynamic and sustainable cultures.


With over 70 years of combined mindfulness & business experience, Craig Marshall & Rick Ladendorf developed the 7 Mindful Living Habits – the core principles of the Mindful “U” education, curriculum, and certification program.

Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall

"The Monk"

Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years and has educated/mentored tens of thousands of people on “mindfulness”. Craig is an author, speaker and coach. His unique experience addresses workplace challenges that include stress, overwhelm, communications, turnover, employee engagement & work-life-balance – ultimately enhancing the customer/member experience.
Rick Ladendorf

Rick Ladendorf

"The Mastermind"

Rick Ladendorf, co-founder of Mindful “U” and founder of Americas’ Healthiest Clubs, has taken his passion for health, wellness and mindfulness and applied it to the business world. Rick is a visionary and spots trends before they become trends. Rick co-created Mindful “U” to address the needs identified from over 600 site visits and over 6,000 department head interviews.