7 Mindful-Living Habits

An Overview of the 7 Mindful-Living Habits

The 7 Mindful-Living Habits were created by “The Monk & The Mastermind” (Craig Marshall & Rick Ladendorf) and are the product of Craig’s 35 years of monastic living and coaching thousands of individuals on mindfulness, meditation and achieving personal & professional success, and Rick’s 40 years of business consulting, coaching and product development across multiple industries.

The application of mindful principles is not taught in schools, and there is a need for practical methods and ongoing support based on foundational principles.

Habit #1

Greater Awareness

We all want to be aware & “mindful”. Being more conscious allows us to make choices and act in alignment with our vision – rather than being reactive & living habitual & uninspired lives. Our definition of mindfulness is: heightened awareness, arising from: paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment, open to learning & un-learning. 

Habit #2

The Power of Purpose

Clarity & confidence are products of alignment with purpose. When you understand the purpose of anything – your life, your role or a specific project – you’ll be more motivated, creative & have a deeper understanding, and greater influence. 

Habit #3

Inspired Leadership

Amidst the uncertainties of current transition times, inspired leaders are more valuable than ever. Enhancing your leadership skills begins inside – with self-mastery – allowing you to see a bigger picture, get in tune with your inner guidance & become more creative & magnetic. You’ll have an intuitive understanding of what’s most important, allowing you to make the best decisions. 

Habit #4

Culture & Community

The day-to-day atmosphere of your organization is unique. It’s important to understand the core values and how people disconnect from them, creating fragmentation, “silos”, and an “every man for himself” attitude.  Sustainable clubs are always looking to align with their values, in order to continuously upgrade their services and the spirit of those who provide them. 

Habit #5

Creativity & Innovation

The cardinal rule of life is evolution. Organizations that are no improving are declining. Innovation is a mindset that leads to personal & professional growth. Thinking “out of the box” is a skill that can be learned, and becoming creative and innovative is more vital today than ever.

Habit #6

Change & Transition

Transition is both an art & science, and change management is a core skill in today’s rapidly shifting world. People who resist change experience resistance & resentment – because the ego loves certainty & control. Yet, all progress coms through change. How open are you and your organization?

Habit #7

Core Communication Skills

Everyone is in the hospitality business – both at home & at work. Your communication skills dictate a large portion of your success as a leader. Great leaders know: It’s not about message sent. It’s about message received! We teach the three core communication skills: listening, questioning & storytelling.