There's no better time…

To Invest in Your Team

Create a sustainable cultureEnhance creativity & collaborationReduce stress & dramaLearn core communication skillsAlign teams with visionReduce turnover & silosHave more fun!

To Invest in Yourself

Enhance your personal & professional valueBe a better leaderUpgrade your careerIncrease your earning potentialImprove work-life balanceAccess to a coach & mentorMeet other mindful professionals

Mindful U is at the forefront of helping industry leaders discover a better way forward to meet today’s most pressing challenges. Our programs are proven to decrease stress, improve leadership skills, and team communication amongst departments. Let The Monk & the Mastermind help to infuse the much-needed change in attitudes that produce a positive team culture and environment.

Learn what mindful leaders are achieving…

  • Leading with calmness
  • Practicing emotional intelligence
  • Mastering personal responsibility
  • Discovering empathic communication
  • Focusing on what matters most

Developing mindful individuals & organizations to achieve personal & professional success through education, certification, benchmarking & ongoing support. Mindful “U” was created by The Monk & the Mastermind using user-friendly, 21st Century methods & technologies.

Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years. Rick Ladendorf the Mastermind has been a business leader in many industries for nearly 40 years. Together, they co-authored The 7 Mindful-Living Habits™ which are the core principles behind Mindful “U”.

In addition to providing onsite education & workshops, one-on-one coaching and mindful certification courses, Mindful “U” offers proven technologies that improve performance, clarity, and focus while reducing stress, pain, discomfort and overwhelm. From now on stress is a choice.  LEARN MORE >


What they didn’t teach us in school

85% of success is ATTITUDE!

It's well-known that employers hire for ATTITUDE and train for SKILLS. However, according to a famous Carnegie Institute study, attitude is 85% of success. Being “crazy busy”, stressed & overwhelmed are all related to ATTITUDE. Many professionals struggle with work/life balance and are therefore less engaged at work. This leads to less creativity & collaboration & more “silo” mentality, drama, conflict, turnover, which diminishes the customer/member experience. Finally, there is a sustainable solution!


Jeff DeKruif

Assistant General Manager, Blackhawk Golf & Country Club

“These guys talk about the stuff nobody talks about in the hospitality biz. And the staff LOVES their Certification Program. Way to go gents! Keep improving our industry!”


Robbie Ames

General Manager/COO, Sea Pines Country Club

“As a General Manager, I see this program as an important investment in my team, building a collaborative & sustainable culture.”


TJ Jacinto

TJ Jacinto, Executive Chef, Hacienda Golf Club

“You are a blessing, and you’ve changed my perspective in life, helping me know that I am in control of my own emotions—even if there are negative people around me.”


Crystal Thomas

Managing Director, CMAA Golden State Chapter

“Craig & Rick received raves for their “mindfulness” presentation. A great team—where contemporary meets old soul!”


Russell Sylte

Hacienda Golf Club

“I would start this program over again without skipping a heartbeat.”


Robert Krzak

President, Gecko Hospitality

“What Craig & Rick are doing in the private club industry is absolutely mind-blowing.”


Carol Boettcher

Director of Human Resources SPHR, CCWS, Broken Sound Club

“I don’t want you to make my people better managers. I want you to make them better people – because then they’ll be better managers.”

21st Century Technologies

Mindful “U”, powered by Prevo Health Solutions, is a pioneer in the business world, offering practical solutions that include methodologies and technologies, which directly impact sustainable outcomes for employees and customers.

In today’s stressful & complex world, these mindful technologies have been proven to increase overall health & reduce stress in the workplace.  LEARN MORE >

Mindful “U” is the exclusive distributor in the private club industry for NuCalm and a nationwide distributor of Bemer.

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