There is no time more important than today
to invest in yourself or your team. 

Invest in Your Team

We create custom organizational solutions

Invest in a Healthy & Sustainable Culture

• Reduce turnover and silos
• Reduce team stress and drama
• Align teams with company vision
• Enhance creativity and collaboration
• Invest in all staff members
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Become A 21st Century Leader

Mindful “U” is committed to creating a network of mindful professionals
exclusively for the hospitality and private club industry

Our courses and memberships help professionals become better leaders, better communicators, and happier individuals. Our teaching methodology is based on education, application, and ongoing support.

Whether you’re aspirational and goal-oriented or stressed out and overwhelmed Mindful “U” teachings by The Monk & The Mastermind will guide you to create meaningful and lasting change. Our proven approach meets student where they are. 

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Meet The Monk &
The Mastermind™

Craig Marshall (a 35-year yoga monk) and Rick Ladendorf (a 35-year business leader) created the Mindful Professional Certification Course and other custom teachings to make you and your team more successful.

Craig Marshall (The Monk) and Rick Ladendorf (The Mastermind) received a 2022 Educator of the Year award from BoardRoom Magazine.

We are honored to be recognized by this prestige, industry publication.

Mindful "U" Learning platform

Making long-lasting change requires motivation and commitment and the learning process needs to be fun and easy.

The 26-lesson Mindful Professional Certification Course™ requires one-hour per week; students watch videos, listen to audio files, read articles, and interact with like-minded mindful professionals on the Mindful “U” Platform. Students who complete the course, earn a Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) designation. The designation has helped many graduates achieve their professional goals.

Mindful “U” students and alumni are highly supported. They can ask questions of the group, mentor and be mentored, get one-on-one support, and attend weekly Core-Topics live group discussions.

Not ready to commit to the Mindful Professional Certification Course but you want to connect with other mindful professionals, have access to mindful resources, and be part of a lively group discussion? Become a Mindful Professional Member.

The Mindful “U” curriculum goes far beyond what is taught in most school and includes 26 lessons covering communication skills, stress reduction, relationship-building, collaboration, empathy, and much more.

Let us help you find your next job

Our clients are looking for the right candidate with the right attitude

Mindful “U” works with club leaders to build healthy and sustainable workplace cultures. Our clients are actively seeking candidates who stand out from the crowd. 

Earn a Certified Mindful Professional (CMP) designation and differentiate yourself from other candidates.


“Mindful "U" made such a meaningful impact on our team both on a personal and professional level. The program has truly made a positive impact on our organization and made us better leaders and communicators” 

Jeff Dekruif
General Manager, Palmetto Bluff Club
"The effect you’re having on our culture is quite noticeable and only just beginning. It starts with the individuals, and I'm having a wonderful time watching their engagement. We're all grateful!"
Russell Sylte
General Manager, Hacienda Golf Club