Student Ambassador Program

The Mindful U Student Ambassador Program is designed to empower students to engage with their peers on campus and spread awareness of mental and behavioral health programs offered by their university. Nearly every post secondary educational institution in the United States has an existing mental health program underutilized by many students.

Our goal, is to strengthen these programs and work with the student body to create a movement on campus. A movement driven by student initiatives, a mental health awareness week and creative minds wanting to invoke change on their campus. We look for leaders.

The Student Ambassador Program is a six month non-paid internship designed to raise awareness of available behavioral health resources and create a movement for stronger mental health programs on college campuses. The responsibilities of the student ambassadors are as follows:

  • Marketing and outreach of mental health and suicide prevention programs currently offered by one’s respected university.
  • Collaborate with university administration, student leaders, student clubs, organizations, etc. Serving as a liaison between these entities and minds matter staff.
  • Design and create initiatives for a Mindful U sponsored mental health awareness week.
  • Implement initiatives created to execute a successful Mindful U sponsored mental health awareness week.
  • All Student Ambassadors will create and execute a successful social media campaign focused on mental and behavioral health.
  • The Student Ambassador is a non-paid internship program; designed to help young professionals develop a crucial skill set that can be implemented into their post undergraduate careers.

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“The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past of future, but rarely living in the realism of now”Austin Jack