About Us

Who We Are

Mindful U is a newly founded organization dedicated to empowering students on college campuses to promote better programs for those affected by mental illness.

The organization was found by a concerned student at Arizona State University who saw a lack of awareness for resources available to students with mental illness. They recognized poor mental health is becoming a rising cause for anxiety, eating disorders, suicide and distress causing increased hospital costs, notable ER and jail. We want to strengthen programs on college campuses for students who suffer from mental illness. Through student lead initiatives and development of new communication tools, we hope to create a stronger awareness of programs available to students at the post secondary level.

What We Do

Empower Students. Our student ambassador program is compiled of students wanting to lead a cause for awareness of mental health resources and suicide prevention.

Develop. Organizations across the country have created programs proving to help students with poor mental health find the help they need. We want to work with these groups to create new programs adaptable at universities across the country. Check out one program paving the way for mental health research in California.

Support. Through creative events and fundraising efforts, we are able to support students on college campuses who want to raise awareness about mental illness and suicide prevention techniques. See what’s coming up!


Awareness is not spread by word of mouth, but of action in our daily lives.Austin Jack